Many of us have jumped ship from traditional workplaces to roll up our sleeves with fellow challengers (like you) making the world a better place.

Times are changing.

That makes for the best possible teams for your needs, and the best possible workday for us.

We are independent strategists, marketers, creatives, developers and more that choose to assemble for projects we care about.

What you get with us

Traditional business need not apply

Strategic creatives & creative strategists


Efficient with your resources  

Our founding team cut their teeth on social impact business and have developed a unique expertise in curating purpose-driven brands. It’s the kind of work we’re best at – and the only kind of work we do.

We believe creative and strategy go hand-in-hand. One falls flat without the other. Whether we start with the big idea or a killer insight, we’ll always deliver thought-provoking work that aligns with your brand and business goals.

No two clients or projects are ever the same. For each one, we assemble as a bespoke team from our core roster and bench of vetted talent. We can jump in as fractional CMO or an on-call extension of your team. Whatever the altitude, we can fly it.

Guess who’s looking to waste time and money? Yeah – nobody. Partnering with Assembly allows you access to top talent without carrying headcount or retaining an entire agency. That means more of your money is going towards seasoned brand builders and thought partners. 

Founder, Principal
Brand Strategy
Social + Environmental Impact 

Victoria Fiore

Brand Marketing
Health + Wellness

Katie Kaswell

our team

Creative Lead
Copy + Messaging 

Renee Kilpatrick

Creative Lead
Design + Visuals

Kelly Stevens

Brand Positioning + Product

Hallie Wright

Insights + Innovation 

Tiffany McNeil

Commercialization + Management 

Robyn Hatch

Website Design

Juliana Scott

Product + Growth Strategy

Allison Mooney

Comms + PR

Ami Hamilton

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